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Duel Dwelling Souls

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Two Dragons

From Pure Fiction

I have been inspired by his presents, written poems to reflect two lovely souls alone, that
their combination would be a good thing for the world.
It occurred to me that I have been too serious, to reflective, to demonstrative. I'm here in
"Pure Fiction" to try to rectify my short coming in the land of the lyrical, less licentious,
more comical.
To the tune of Sweet Baby James.

A lullaby for a lullaby sir.

I was lost in the doldrums, yet not so deranged.
My dog and my cell phone, my only companions.
I worked in the ho hum, and chewed on raw onions.
Waiting for something, my opinions could change.

As the Andromeda ascended I sat by the boob tube,
Thinking who the hell is that, bring him here.
Closed my eyes and he came to light my fire,
I sent him a poem of being, "Life's Key," did he hear?
As if maybe it would draw him near?

Goodnight my sweetheart, maybe,
Rock-a-bye, Pooky my dear.
Blessing for you are the options I chose,
Won't you come to me soon in my dreams.
And Rock-a-bye, Pooky my dear.

Trapped in the food fight, he was covered in OH OH!
Good point I had no baked beans made in Boston
Should I have used chocolate, he coated in frosting?
With 10 tons of truffles, wondering where did he go?

There is a song that I sing when I take the highway,
A song that I sing when you portray Tyr.
A song that I sing of our home in the sky.
I want to believe as I drift off to sleep.
The visions work just fine for me.

Goodnight my sweetheart, maybe,
Rock-a-bye, Pooky my dear.
Between me and you, all colors, all hues,
Could we sell tickets next year?
And Rock-a-bye, Pooky my dear.


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