The Poetry of L.D. Neill

Creative Destruction

Creative destruction, that’s what that mess is!
You walk into the room and malefaction prevails

Without direction and guidance, lack of love it is said,
Channels negative attention on a young person’s head.

So we punish and threaten, deprive and condemn.
With splenetic dictation the cancer is spread.

To rehabilitate depredation of a mescreadents offense
They must learn to create in a positive sense.

Who’s the culpable one is this questions aim
Is it us, is it them, who do we blame?

you give them a choice and give them a voice,
And praise them for taking an acceptable course.

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A few Thanksgiving ago I had the good fortune to be invited to
dinner also attended by Robert Birt a man who is deeply involved
in Conflict Resolution.

The next poem is a result of my interviewing Mr. Birt as to what is
the best way to get warring factions to talk peace.

This is not the published version.

It had to be butchered to fit a format.

Let Fly The Dove

Its greed that fuels the lust and avarice of war.
Pluck the eye, impale the heart, demoralize the soul,
Gorge the fears of the ignorant to proceed.
Gain to be plundered, power for acquisition.

Evil rulers take demonic delight in ascending to selfish desires.
Kiln hardened to the heart the hatred of those not behind them
Crippled by blinding, the hungry hoards advance,
They no not the truth of their actions.

Stop, abandon your quest, take time to meet with and break bread.
Savor the spirit that lies with in the other.
Put poultice to your wounds and inject your hardened soul with the
kind needle of, Forgiveness for past transgressions.

Familiarity breeds respect, the others cease to be the other.
Fears fly with education, harmony rises in crashing crescendo,
Take hold the olive branch, let fly the dove,
Put fear and greed asunder in folds the power of love.

Keith Hamilton Cobb one of the stars of this last genre of Roddenbury’s Star Treks,
Andromeda, stated,
and I paraphrase: "In our vision of the future where we are in outerspace all
beings are considered equal. They are judged on their abilities to perform
their given tasks.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that was true here on planet earth?"

The same actor writer and I came to a contention over a story he is writing
about the Nietzschean race. I stormed his message board with this equation
for equality.

I do not consider others to be inferior. They are “Different.” As in
variety. If all are a variety, then all are equal. Thus we have equality.

Elitism *

In the diversity of the realm of our mutual existence,
Bragging and boasting with delusional persistence,
We find the elitist holding court,
Strutting and preening among their cohorts.

Embracing judicial forum they deal out persecution,
Bolstering their disingenuous pride with discrimination.
Dehumanize, to conquer and divide.
Effecting words to demoralize.

Those who would be of another faith,
Another gender, another race.
Anti anything not conceived as theirs,
Advancing this disease to their heirs.

If we look into our souls we find.
Every one, is one of a kind.
Not better, no worse in the scheme of things.
Just “Different,” is the assertion my voice does ring.

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