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some of Rabbit's favorite pictures.

Seasons Greetings 2003

A Collection of 3 Animations.

Rabbit Pushing Buttons

Tempest in a Tea Pot


From the quote:

"People are like tea bags, one never knows how strong they are

until you put them in hot water."

Pooky turns into Caliban.

Emmy for Rabbit

Ta Dah!
Rabbit figures out the magic words.

Cropping the Maul!

Brazen Rabbit, Loves Tyr!

Take That Honey

Beware of the Midi file, Rabbit takes her revenge in Take That Honey


Oh Honey, from Pure Fiction

I bet Pooky is as busy as I am at being industrious,
 fighting off the swarms of bees after his honey pot.

Truly I'm just too busy to worry about what Pooky is up to.
He's a good ol' bear and though he has very little brains, I think he would be truly a
comfort to cuddle up to when I have had a long hard day in the carrot patch fighting off
the evils of clear cut carrot invaders, or the greedy lumbering lumberman.
The 100 acre woods will be no more than a desert
if we let these invaders take over our home.

Pooky you get back here with that honey pot.
You are going to get too fat to move, if you don't share.

Rabbit's Christmas Song 2006



Over Dressed Stripper Pole

Some of Rabbit's Avatars


Rabbit kicks a little..
For 2008
Seasonal Avatar Dec. 06
Id's Just Marching
The World Need More Love
Winter Fun
Voice of Reason
Furry Arm Candy

Mistletoe Smooch Dec. 09

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