Mommy Neitz

Mommy Neitz

The Creation of Mommy Nietz
From the Gordon Woolvett Board 
April, 2002
 If YOU were a writer for Andromeda.....  
I gave this thread a thought.  

With a teaspoon of self indulgence, 
a sprinkling of scheming 
and hand full of no hope in Hell?
I want to write myself into the show.  
Hey I live on the edge, anything can happen! 
Since Rev Bem is gone there is room for one more on the bridge.
I think I could be a combination Rev Bem, and Woopy Goldberg type bar tender

from Star Trek the Next Generation. A councilor. 
I wouldn’t have to act much, just be myself .Hopefully with
minimal make up and a groovy “warm” costume. 
I could have multi-personalities (big stretch there) 
and I show a different side to each cast member.  
If the show is going the way of the one liners I’ll fit right in. 
I can even make double pay by writing my own dialogue.  

Board Member's Comment
D., you would be a wonderful addition to the crew, they could add a dungeon to the ship,
and whenever one of the crewmembers is "bad", Dylan could send them on down for, um, "punishment".           

Sounds like a plan, Tyr would me my permanent guest. 
No complaints there.    
I came up with the concept of being the reincarnated female progenitor. 
Drago Museveni did not spawn the Nietzschean race 
with out my genetic traits.  
(typical Hollywood oversight, it usually takes two genders to make a race)  
I am on the ship to accompany his bones and await his return. 
(He has some overdue bills and library books that desperately need his attention)
Stir up conflict in Tyr over his loyalties.  
Sound like fun?

Board Member's Comment  
 Big D, isn't Tyr going through that now?   

Yes he is going through that now, but he has no sounding board. That is what my character is about. 
Instead of leaving it up to the audience's imagination,   (as this show constantly counts on to fill the huge holes in the plots)  many of the questions can be resolved through the interactions of my character with the crew. Tyr was only an example. 


Mommy Neitz in Pure Fiction

Hi, Mommy Nietz is my name.
I'm related to Drago, I'm also related to Tyr by our genetic codes.
I worry about Tyr, alone, with out a family to call his own. Now he has a son. I worry
desperately about his son, alone with that Orca Matriarch, singing him songs of hatred.
Nietzscheans did not start out to condemn the human race. We started out to improve it.
Taking the best from the double helix and deleting the rest. Some where along the
continuum the prime directive was twisted and lost in the quest for purity, superiority and
survival.My Tyr is a prime example of his kind. I'm very proud of him.
A survivalist to all ends, by all means, strong and comely. I'm here to help him with his questions the best I can.
I'm an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on,
words to help him find the truth.
His right hand and his back up when he is in the right.
I am here as a form of alliance in the cruel unforgiving universe.
Someone to share the blame and the accolades with.
In my best phrasing.
Two heads are better than one.


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