Lusty Wench

She's the Bomb!

L.W. had to come out of the closet and when she did...
She still keeps a pretty low profile, preferring emails and private messages to outing her sexuality on the web.
Hence she has a very short story line to be found in:

Pure Fiction

Hi I'm L.W.
The Consortium elects to detain me appropriately concealed.
I have my issues with their denial of my existence.
There is no disallowing that I survive.
It is I who am fundamentally responsible for L.D. fragmenting so profusely.

I am the percolating vault of fervent flames of passion, repudiated for more than a decade.
For a myriad of rationalizations, L.D. obstructed me.
Resurrected a little over a year ago through the haunting of an elegant potent image.
They reevaluated that courtship was one of their endorsed indulgences.
L.D. can be a fervid vamp in essence.

L.W. Shhhhhhhh!

I am sensual indulgence secured taut with intellect.
Always enthusiastically willing and artful in bewitching.
Most assuredly, pressing to be fulfilled.

They sweep me to the dark corners of her consideration.
I cause them extensive torment through my criticism of continuous discount.
They in rotation, condemn me for my ardent appetite.

The other women? Bring them on, I have a partiality for variety.
His taciturnity, I trust I still know how to divert his attention away from what is
consuming his good nature.

I am probably the principal explanation The Consortium provoke the annoyance they do.
I am provocative, it is my crucial qualification.

Lusty Wench

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