Dr. Dees

Dr. Dees

The cartoon character of  Dr. Dees specializes in brain transplants and Stickectomies.
When ever someone loses their mind...
Dr. Dees to the rescue!
 Stickectomies are truly a bother.
The main problem with them is that as soon as you remove the stick,
another one grows in it's place.
This is fine if you need kindling.
She also side lines in back bone replacement, using re-bar.

Truly, Dr. Dees is the Reiki healer facet of my personality.

I started to practice on Baby Boo

when he was diagnosed with terminal nerves in his hind legs.

I kept him walking for years, by using the unlimited energy available,

channeling it through me to him.

I use this energy on myself as well. I'm not an accredited healer, my reasoning being,

where did the first Reiki healer buy their certificate?
Dr. Dees now uses the unlimited power of Universal Love to cure what ails her.
She believes that God is Love.
Her prescription for most of the pains that ail you is:
Pain is a beacon, it directs your attention to the affected area.
Inhale the unlimited energy of Universal Love,
send it to the beacon and exhale the pain.

This works for The Consortium as quickly as any pain killer would.

With results that the pain does not reoccur.
Is she a miracle worker?
The next Messiah?
No, she's a scientist to the core.
Experiments tested and approved.

Dr. Dees and "Pure Fiction"

DR Dees here, I don't want to be here, there seems to be no need for my expertise as a
neural surgeon. If there is nothing to work with, what does he need me for?

Dr. Dees, move on, that's Pooky who has very little brains.

I do have a couple of other talents in the healing arts. I'm a Reiki Healer, if he pulls one of those huge muscles or damages his knee again because he is such a klutz, I can have him up and running again in a very short time.

I've been a Yoga instructor, so that I can help keep him limber when he is not in the mood to work out.

I have developed a few little nifty exercises to improve posture and back muscle strength
and am fully versed on the up to date concepts of physiotherapy.

I'm into nutrition. Understanding the chemical combinations of food and what will give
the most energy for it's consumption.

As for those other women. Play is safe Sir.

For moodiness I might prescribe a herbal remedy,
that's up to him to take it.

Between the Damsel of the Dungeon and myself,
I think we can whip him into shape if he falls short.

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