D. of the Dew

D. Of The Dew

Hair Dresser to the Stars

Dew is one of the newer members of the Consortium

She manifested in November 2003

She never did write an entry for, "Pure Fiction."

However, she is a fanatic when it comes to Mr. Cobb's hair.

Seeing that Keith Cobb sometimes sounds like Bella Lugosi...

Dew got it into her head to see what he would look like as Dracula,

both Keith and Pooky.


Then there was that time she was visiting Kenny Loggin's message board

and the members wanted to see what Kenny would look like with lime green spikes?

Since Halloween was near the reasoning that hair and Werewolves are synonymous ....

Dew is pretty much retired, but one never knows where she may snip next!


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