Pull me close to hear my whispers,

They tell you of the enigmas of the universe.

From my pocket I will pull the omnipotence of the tides ,
To assemble the winds to carry us up to the foremost.

Entreat the oceans to bestow us their sunken riches,

Charm the mountains to give us asylum, where we might hide.

Approach, celebrate me intimate to hear my whispers.

Kiss the firmament, caress the foundation we dance upon.

Cast me a lightning bolt and I will detain it as my dual edged sword,

To cut through the obfuscation that mantles this planet.

I will impart  to you  my desires for  infinity.

I will sing sweet songs to you of reliance without discord.

Draw near, hold me immediate to attend my whispers

My whispers as momentous as Gabrielle’s trumpet

My whispers as malleable as mist,

My whispers that beam, my whispers that wail.

Advance, possess me close to perceive my whispers, 

We accommodate an allegory, yet to exist


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