Summer’s Dreams

Roddenberry, I’ll bite, where does this flight plan usher?
I am drawn through the tube in my living room, into the future.
Who is that man, the tall dark man to my friend I confer.
With a force of character, the bad ass, the type I prefer.

The first dream came and went, very nice, it happened twice.
Who is this man who has invaded my dreams?
I could climb him like a mountain, wrestle him like a bear.
Feed him grapes from my finger tips, play slap and tickle on his hips.

The hunt is on, I don’t even know his name,
Rolling credits are too fast to catch, dyslexia to blame.
Haunted I had to try, to put a name to the face in my mind.
Off to the web, hear my hard drive grind.

Netscape crashed and crashed again until by the 20th time
I was about to produce a crash of my own, losing my frenzied mind.
Then there it was, a website, a Mecca in Gibson’s termite mound.
Billy was right, you just keep tunneling until you find your ground.

Who is this man who embodies my idea of perfection.
A rascal , a rogue, an egotistical tyrant, no a correction.
A joke, his art, his pets his dreams.
My mind now grinding to extremes.

His voice to the flames of realplayer’s light.
Articulate, sincere, booming baritone, my heart takes flight.
Photographs for ever to capture and hold,
I plastered them every where, I am much too bold.

No message board to view, I wrote him a note.
A note with a poem, no reply, he dashed my hope.
No matter I was consumed by a silly hyper high,
And I worried my friends, for what, I don’t know why?

It was safe, a fantasy to play away the dreary days.
Inspiration from his life, skipped me on my merry way.
Middle age crazies would be said if one spoke grim
I built a photo album, my quasi website, just for him.

Scanned up the old photos from days gone by,
Wrote up the text, told not one lie.
Unless you count my errors by omission.
One should not forget, it is a human tradition.

The days of summer started to fade and so my initial obsession waned.
One day before his address disappeared, lost in my browser’s drain.
I clicked to my delight and surprise the update had arrived.
The message board, it had to be the message board, I smiled.

Timidity consumed me, I lurked and still declare it a right.
It was Batty’s and Karin’s calling that brought to the light.
Then 9/11 came crashing in and the world fell into shock.
Information to be gathered furtive leads to be stock.

Some say the war machine, I say the poor and hungry.
Terrorism is just a way for the starving to get ugly..
Reduce the gap between the rich and poor
Stop the terrorist bombing, me amour.

Into the food fight I was baited by the Batty one, now it was time for fun.
Too many ideas to write too many silly thoughts in flight
Then came the pictures of a truly fantastic fantasy fight.
The thread monster arrived and ate us alive one night.

Keith where are you?
You no longer haunt my dreams.
Lost to my happiness your friends have brought.
I will pick you a bouquet of forget-me-nots.



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