Higher Bar



The Higher Bar

I crave to cling to your capacity to admit me to a higher bar.

Since I have toppled under your spell I have clung to you.

Every higher bar has receded decreased declined reduced.

I will not look down for I know that you are above and beyond me,

That is where I solicit to be, in step to the tempo of your thirst for existence.

I conflict with my inner demons combat them truth or dare.

My self I call to battle, then the war retreats into my reverie for relief.

When I view an image of your benevolent smiling countenance,

The gleam of your energy from your compassionate spirit refreshes me.

I extent for the next bar, be it over hurtles so behemoth to procure a blare.

The beastly bars are never ending they entreat me to eternity.

With every rung a struggle, with every victory a merriment to be released.

There again the bar it looms, I reach, I grasp, I breath.

For every immanent bar is distinct and it draws me to my feet.

I thank you for your energy, may your days be graced with peace.


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