The ones you button,
The ones you push,
Buttons you forget to button.
Buttons that say zany zings.
Buttons that mark the spot.
A tag, a label, a button can be many things
The buttons I am contemplating are deep down inside,
For a measure of time, we have been playing seek and hide.
You know how to push them hard, don’t you?
I perceive I have a few that perform on you too.
Lets see if I urge this one, what will it bring.
Yes it works, I hear the telephone ring!
Now where is that button that turns on the audio?
It has to be here some where, this is quite a curio.
My comrades are worried, they think it quite queer.
I assure them we are friends, there is nothing to fear.
What would there be if the sound waves broke free?
Would it mean the cessation of my poetic spree?
Or would the oscillation combine to build music radiant,
Fulminating, roiling, producing superior sweet descant?
With sprightly absurdities originating exciting crescendos!
Adagios, whispering intimacies detected in diminuendos?
Even if the premier composition is but an arabesque,
It will accomplish what this poem has set as a quest.
Sir sing in your baritone, expose with proclivities your anthem,
I will repay with delectable chorus my own engaging chanson.
I hark the counterpoints as they ring rapturous with attitude.  
Though it may take some practice to perfect our early etudes.
It was I who did buoyantly sing that day a year ago April.
That I harmonized with you and you me, why silent still?
L.D.N. '03


The silence has stopped, act 2 has begun.  
Harmony and discord both featured.
I was teasing KHC on his board about being button destination challenged, after viewing pictures of him at a conference.  
I heard that there was only one picture of Keith at the next conference after my comments, and even though it was in the middle of a summer heat wave, he had all of his buttons done up!  
In the interview from this greet the soap stars event, he said,
"Damon doesn't have a lot of buttons to push."
I thought I read it somewhere in one of my recent cryptic emails that I was suppose to check out the latest CBS Soap Opera in Depth magazine. I checked the messages again and there is no mention of this magazine in them. No matter how I unravel them, it's not there.  
I will have to pass it off as a premonition,  a message from the collective subconscience, a sign, or any other out of the box thinking I might come up with, that this next picture was in the magazine after a dust up over one of the messages about some fooling around.

Did I get inspired?
That's the thing about gathering radom occurrences, they pile up to the point where I have to let them out of my head.
First reaction.

A quick one from the next morning


Rabbit giving a field of bachelor buttons the push.  
Only time will tell who will win.  

Pooky and Rabbit are often at odds.  
One thing for sure,  
they know how to push each other's buttons.  
Pictures of Keith with and without the hat are by Pippi.  

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