Biological Drawbacks


Biological Drawbacks 1 & 2

where 1 =1 =1 X2

L.D. Neill in the 90's


Biological Drawbacks

High Brow Version:

Good fellows stay hence, to me do abandon.

The moon's tidal forces cause infortuative anger!

Oh the table lay ten the intent ordered eight.

Cogitation coagulates, to my bed is my fate.


Bodily bloating ballooning my girdle binds.

A fair maid no longer, a preposterous behind?

Upon countenance festers volcanoes of blight!

I beseech, Clearasil, Topex," my disgust to fight!


Apothecary progesterone suppressants I plead,

Conquer anguish and torment make comfort your creed.

The noxious malediction enacts havoc on the blessed.

So stay away, pray today, it's not P.M. S.


Second Version Same As The First.
Or Vise-Versa


Biological Drawbacks

In layman's terms:

Will you get off my back, get away from me?

It's that time of the month, so just let me be.

I counted out eight there was ten there instead?

On a day like today, I should stay in bed.


Oh give me a girdle, I'm ballooning again.

I resemble a Flintstone not Wilma but Fred!

On my face the zits like volcanoes erupt.

Clearasil, Topex, I can't get enough.


Tomorrow I'll cramp up and wish I was dead,

This hormone imbalance makes me light in the head.

The curse of a woman of child bearing years

Makes me want for hot flashes, is menopause near?


A warning goes out to the people near us.

Look out pedestrians, "I have P.M.S.!"



Only because I tend to get political when I think of all the money saved on feminine hygiene products that the government of Canada
charges you sales tax on,

(Honestly, if men had blood flowing out from between their legs every month or more, tampons etc. would be free!)

since I stopped menstruating in my mid 40's.
Yes I know it was early, but that's what happens when you get your genes tested at the institution in Hamilton Ontario and your results come back negative.
Somehow, your eggs disappear?
(In case your wondering where Mommy Nietz came from?)

Odd the other month, I was asked twice, the same day,
in Peterborough and Norwood,
if I was two different people's grandmother?

For all I know, I am their biological egg donor?

D.D. thinks clones could come in handy now that she's in her 60's?