Bed Of Dreams

Bed of Dreams

Feb. 14th 1996

Revised 2005

The somatic pleasure of my platform, affords supernal respite as I stretch and twist for solace at days end of long arduous toils.

The womb of oak and cotton on springs and coils of steel enfolds me in
their bower as I drift to realms of dreams.

The intellect submerged in covert maneuvers to battle with the demons of the day, arises fresh to greet and ponder the question of the reverie?

The roost to read is cluttered with pamphlets and volumes for searching out the need to know, sometimes to entertain.

My nest of down quilt and fuzzy velvet pillows for warmth from the winter chill, rest between two heavy oak boards ornate with carvings elegant.

It is a stalwart servile classic piece of furniture I cherish for it nurtures commendably my often frantic exigencies.

Beneath the textured burgundy skirt, I hide my many treasures, as well as.
weapons of defense locked away, in hopes they never come to play.

North and west are flanked by door sized windows where the honey suckle rises,
The moon and stars are there for me to wish upon and sigh.

Behind the winter plastic covering skin, my hummingbirds of stained glass hang free to dance on chains of gold, reflecting their colors where there is no wind.

All around me on my dresser, wall and wardrobe, paintings, plants and Persian carpet feed my need for beauties virtues to hem me in my basket of amenity.

Lazy Larry waits patiently for me to remember that he's there,
with scruffy coat and wobble eye, my long time friend, my teddy bear.

It is with in these arms of warmth and favor that I lay alone and say,
That it is my bed I wish to give my greetings to, on this Valentines day.

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