From message board brain storming
on the subject of an actors' possible future endeavors came...

Kid Show Scenerios.

Pirates of the Isles

Game Show


A show where if you are incorrect you have to walk the plank into a
ball pool. Since Keith attracts flying food, cream pies abound and kids get slimed.

A Part from scaring the kids we will also give them the lessons of being and make it
not only exhilarating but spiritual. How to live with your fellow humans and respect
each other as well as your selves.

Teach tolerance and forgiveness.
Condemn the bullies and praise those who would try to excel, give of themselves for
the betterment of all. Let the questions asked revolve around these ideas.

Set and Characters

The game show set in an old creepy old gallion.
Ghost run screaming through the scenes, monsters, dragons and evil fairies guest star.
Kindly Captain Keith, the swash-buckling game show host, with eye patch and poet shirt.
I want to be D.D. the Damsel of the Dungeon, Morticia in Red, as his menacing side kick.

Good cop, bad cop play that can be switched back and forth between the characters
so that no one knows for sure which is which?
We will scare those kids silly. Talk about an adrenaline rush!
 The imposing KHC and D.D., right brain, left brain, look out!

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Happy Tails to You

Wile K.Oyote

Keith the Beast