The D.

The D.

Who is The D.?


The D. was created on Gordon Woolvett's message board.

The wacky story can be read Here

The D. in Pure Fiction

The D.
(Should read, "The Devil.")
Some people might consider me evil.
I'm the entrepreneurial section of the spectrum of the Consortium.
If money be the root of all evil it is my intent to secure it.
I have the ability to work the magic of turning straw into gold.
I have amassed a small fortune through my talents as an educated opportunist.
I'm the schemer, the dreamer up of marketable ideas.

My deepest regrets is that L.D. has very few loop holes in her scruples and considers integrity to be her most valuable business asset. I can work with that. The rest of the Consortium is a freaking bunch of do gooders. (maybe not D.D.)

They don't want material goods, they want freedom from dusting them, insuring them, finding a place to put them etc. They are under the impression that you don't own stuff, it owns you. I have to look out for their interest or they will end up on the street as bag ladies.

L.D. told me she never wanted to see her Visa cut up in front of her again! It's my vocation to make sure this doesn't transpire.

If this makes me have to dance with the evils
of money, I am the one who assumes the responsibilities.

Interesting to note that I mailed Keith a white cotton knit shirt this month with the suggestion to auction it off for charity if it was not to his preference. If he has not received it yet, I can only say, after his auction of a shirt in Tulsa this past weekend, "Great minds think alike".
Yeah! $600. can buy a lot of carro.. raison for South Africa.

Quite Rabbit, that is not your decision to make.

I anticipate we could make a vast difference in the world with my skills and his talents. Not to mention the extra positive publicity for himself that would go along with his charitable considerations.
The more publicity = higher bids = more money to be shared.

I have this novel idea.
I brandish the poniards to protect it.
I want to bottle his sweet sweat.
Keith is animal magnetism personified.
(He pulled
L.W. out of the closet, he must be commendable.)
Can you conceive of this as an opportunity to create a renewable, marketable commodity, in the effort to help those in needs?

Get to the end of the line, y'all, I own the eye dropper.

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