Swirling D. also known as Gina Rockettza.

I studied dance from the time I was 5, ballet, jazz, tap, bare foot, etc.

I do tend to swirl when I dance, it's part of the joy of dancing to be able to spin like a top!

S.D. never did make her feelings known when it came to the the big guy in Pure Fiction.

I suspect you can tell by the way her hands find places to caress that she was most interested in
all aspects of dance with this tall handsome man.

It was reported that he doesn't really dance, just, "jiggle." to the music, so for one Valentine's day she sent him a book on ballroom dancing so that he could learn and then teach her.

The disciplines of dance are lost on S.D. and she blames it on Dah, but it's more the fact that
she is a free spirit and choreography is for puppets.

Season's of Love from the musical Rent, is dedicated to the loving memory of my dance partner, Sam Walton,
I know your dancing in heaven.

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