Mother of God


Mog made her first appearance in

D.D. and Astro in the dungeon!

Astro was calling for the "Mother of God," so D. was happy to oblige.
Mog doesn't care much for being disturbed,
which is a little disturbing coinciding the whole concept of MOG

is somewhat disturbing.


She is dressed in a dramatically darkened rendition of Scarlet O'Hara's wedding dress, with my 27 year old head.

Holding the world in her hand she is magic.

Mog appears in this story line, "Adventures of Everyone" Page 4

Mog in Pure Fiction

Mother of God in this world. You may call me Mog, if you must call on me at all. I'd
rather you didn't hallo me with out a worthy cause. Unlike the rest of these characters, I
have a life, or I did have a life, if one needs to be specific.
I live on to be sure, I am the embodiment of energy, all of the Consortiums past lives and
the lives they choose to live, to come.

I pull the tarot cards from the deck, direct their dreams, and am the voice of reason and
intuition, though occasionally the crew will ignore me at their peril.

I'm the one who recognized our past relationship. By the virtues of the River Stix, in
being thorough in erasing past progressions,
I have very little information left to work with.
I'm not omnipotent, only wish I was.

Both Mr. Cobb and I have huge old spirits. It was inevitable that we would run into each
other again. Not that this a good or a bad thing, it just is. I see the fact that he is still
single, looking for his soul mate, and in the public eye where he does not admit to the
reason that he is so driven, as a way to contact those of us who have known him in the
past. Would we have found him if he had not taken his present course? The answer is,
probably not.
Many of us on this board, whether we realize it or not, have past life connections with his

L.D. brought me out of the Astro Plane in an effort to understand what was going on in
her head. Why she is so captivated?
Good looks, so what, it's only a well chosen outer shell, bate to attract. The personality,
more of a mirror, that is clouded by his obfuscation's. When he says "Perhaps it is a good
thing." This makes me smile. To reveal all would free us, or perhaps condemn us to
complete enslavement. Either way the Consortium is not free or enslaved, they are here to
justify their inquirers.

There is silence in the realm of the tangible. There is a cacophony, a riot of life and
connections on the Astro Plane, in the Consortiums' mind there is a deep association that
waxes and abates not unlike the tides.

This is a remake of the original MOG Questions the Consortium

I have replaced my face with the most recent picture, July 2004.

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