Fairy D.

Fairy D. is as most fairies, shy and afraid of man kind for good reasons.

She is the only elemental in the crew at this point and she represents the original inhabitants of this planet ruled by Pan.

She knows that Pan is not the devil the Christian church would have us believe him to be.

Because some people had the good sense to worship Pan and his elementals to bring them good harvest and fertility not only with their animals but themselves, it angered the church. So they made the devil's image to represent Pan. This deception caused "panic" to ascend on the ignorant peasants and they shunned the great deity to his sorrow.

I was very interested in the belt buckle that Keith Hamilton Cobb wears in an image on his web site. I did some research to find the only known "demon" amongst the occultist and volumes of research material I browsed, who fit the likeness depicted on the belt buckle, is Pan himself.

Fairy D. made her first appearance as a way to say thank you to Keith for his inspiration.

I was in the habit of finding interesting treats to give Keith on Saturday nights, as I type, I still am.

They range from the exotic to the ludicrous it's all a matter of keeping him guessing as to what he will find when he opens the page.

This one evening Fairy D. thought that this man was just peachy, so she brought him some....

Fairy D. in Pure Fiction

Iím Fairy D. Iím the garden fairy, an elemental who is in tune with the vibrations of the plants and animal of this planet.

I understand Keithís moody side more than he might anticipate of an elemental. I feel deeply his moods, like the tides and thunder storms, the winds gentle and boisterous, the dark humus of the earth the fair fragrance of flowers, the eternal flame that burns brightly of his soul.

I am an innocent, I harm no one. My purpose is to assist Mother Nature in her time of need.

Mankind has rent huge holes in her apron. I am charged with communicating with them in an effort to divert continued disaster.

When I recognized the belt buckle to be that of an elemental of high status, I understood that I was to be his companion.

Other women? What care an elemental of these?

There is no possession in my attachment to a man who ascertains me, and my fellow elementals.

I suspire in assuagement that he does.

I whisper in his ear, "Blessed be."

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