DD the Damsel of the Dungeon


The Damsel of the Dungeon.

D.D. was never meant to come out of the private messaging system where she was born and originally called Dominatrix D. She was created to insure my friend did her exercises. She caused a lot of stir even when she was clandestine and this was when she only had half a body at the time and was not the Dead Damsel of the Dungeon either.

This photo manipulation was her first appearance with Big D. in the food fights where they where trying to convince the owner of the message board, KHC that he needed to post. He was not going to be allowed out of being the target until he did.

She moved to the basement of Gordon Woolvett's board and set up house keeping.


Here she is showing the avatar of the board moderator around the dungeon.

I being a student of human nature would find out what made each board member, who entered into her realm, tick, and though the torture was on the silly side, like reading Dick and Jane books to intellectuals, or dressing up members in Pepto Bismo pink organza frocks, it was always a hoot to see what she would come up with next.

D.D. and Astro in the dungeon!

Once I wondered into a thread full of very serious question. To answer the question myself would have been to bare my soul...so I decided to let D.D. have her say.

Re: Warning: This Is Not For The Faint-hearted!!!!


If Betty can answer these tough questions, I guess I can too.
But I don't want to.

Then get out of my way!


[*]Your best feature?
I'm dead.

[*]Your worst trait?
A kind heart.

[*]Your fondest desire?
Victims that scream really loud.

[*]Your silliest phobia/superstition?
Falling up instead of down.

[*]Your greatest love?
Leather and chain underwear.

[*]Your biggest fear?
I'm dead, what's to fear?

[*]Your happiest moment?
The moment I died.

[*]Your darkest/most frightening moment?
Someone once said, "They loved me!"

[*]Your most important life lesson?
Don't suffer fools, make them suffer.

[*]Your most helpful advice?
Oil the hinges on your coffin once every 1,000 years
or they will cease up on you.

[*]Your safest place?
Where ever I'm standing, I know no fear.

[*]Your most daring escapade?
Coming out of the PM on Keith's second board while Big D. had him trapped in the food fight.

[*]Your secret vice?
I have no secrets, vice is nice.

[*]Your secret ambition?
To talk the Consortium into dumping that actor fellow
but they never listen.

[*]Your proudest achievement?
I've managed to maintain use of my fingers,
I can still type, can't I?

[*]Your biggest shock/revelation?
Nothing shocks me, I'm the shocker not the shockee.

[*]Your most fulfilling activity?
Making my victims miserable.

[*]That which comes easily to you?
Growling Grrrrrrrrrrrr

[*]That which is most difficult for you?

[*]Your outlet for creativity?
Building torture devices and testing them on the unsuspecting.

[*]Your stress reliever?
Screaming my head off.

[*]Your weirdest moment?
Waking up on this board one day to find I was welcome?

[*]The sort of person you want to evolve into?

[*]The sort of life you want to live?
I'm dead what do you mean?

[*]One word for your childhood?

[*]One word for your teenage years?

[*]One word for your adult life?

[*]The word for yourself?

D.D. and Seth Howard's Avatar


Seth would often visit Gordon Woolvett's board and promise

to spoil us with spoilers for the up coming shows on

Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.

He wasn't always honest with us about when he would be returning

or about giving us spoilers that where actually spoilers

so D.D. took it on herself too....



 D.D. in "Pure Fiction"

D.D.’s take on the same question.
I heard this was a thread about getting in on with that actor fellow friend of Big D.s'?

I'm not worried about up-grading my life insurance policy since I'm already dead. I don't
sleep in a coffin because I like the ambiance. Yes, it is lined with Mr. Interesting pictures'
and glow in the dark strips only because I'm trying to figure out what the rest of the
Consortium see in him.

Sure he looks good, has brains and I bet he even smells good. That's too good for me. I
prefer my men on the weak side. Someone I can whip into doing my bidding.

About those other women chasing him? "SNAP!" need I say more?
If he is not around I can focus my wrath on the rest of the Consortium to keep them in
As for his moodiness, "SNAP!"
I'm not going anywhere, he had better shape up or "SNAP!"

D.D. isn't around all that much these days.

Seems she fell in love with and ran off with Keith the Beast.

Would be nice if they sent us a postcard from whatever hell

they decided to call home!

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