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The Artist.

D. has a small collection of smiles she sometimes uses.

From the Thread called, "True Fiction"

The D. Consortium, at least some of them, tried to figure out if they where suitable mates for that handsome Actor Fellow

Keith Hamilton Cobb.

The first to enter the thread was D. the artist.
Her job is to keep the Consortium in line, but she was never much of disciplinarian.

I've had those incredibly handsome lovers that women chase around and it used to get
under my skin. Sitting in the restaurant having dinner, only to have some woman come up to our table, totally ignore me and invite my paramour out for breakfast? Please, take a hike, he's having breakfast with the woman he is sleeping with you bimbo! I will admit that it was one of the prime reasons I dumped him, that and his drinking. That was a while back. I'm much more mature (if you can believe that I have a bridge to sell you) maybe I'm a totally different person now. Would it bother me? No.I would pity the fool and leave it at that. If K. is the type that would take the other woman up on an offer I would only insist on a video tape. Sharing is caring.

The fact that he is gone all the time is high on my list of good qualities in a potential
mate. (not that I intend to reproduce, I'm past that point in my life) I'm a loner, I always
have been. I need enormous amounts of space to myself.

We have the same beliefs in being. The fact that he was wearing a cross at the Sci Fi
Gallifry convention made me wonder if he had garlic in his pockets to ward off the L A
vampire set, as well?

I have a back ground in theater arts starting from the tender age 5 in my pink tutu at my
first recital, I still remember the steps! School plays, the family was always with the
local, “Little Thearter” in all capacities except writing. That would have been my job but
the call of the 60’s carried me away. At 17 I worked in professional theater etc.etc.

There has been something that has drawn me past the curiosity of to the presently
waning, all consuming passion, for K., that has kept me tormenting his image and trying
to keep a smile on his taciturn face.

I think his taciturnity is what I like least about him. I tend to be on a permanent high and
if he is in one of his "moods" it could be a real downer. This would be where I would take
off and come back when he was cheerful again. I know better than to try to cheer up
someone who is bound to be miserable. I believe this is a hormonal thing, testosterone
can make a body grumpy.

Probably most of our conversations would revolve around his career. This is his center
and I have no quarrels with it. Not as if I have a life of my own at the moment.
(Something I am trying to rectify)

As a couple, yes we have potential to be a very charming engaging couple. Each filling in
the gaps of the others' personality. Being human presages imperfections, accepting a
person for who they are, unconditionally, will solve most of the problems that can arise
between two people.

Since we are both very dominant personalities, there would have to be a time of
adjustment where we would set the boundaries, after that we would be a force to be
reckoned with.

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