Big D.

My first split was Big D. created in the Food Fights.

She needed to be an action hero. 6' 2" tall, 200 pounds of solid muscle.

Stubborn and unpredictable.

This is one of Big D.'s first appearances riding Alice the Ant.

Alice was brought in as a scout for her colony to see that it would be advantageous for her and her family members to come and clean up the mess. Unfortunately someone else had cleaned the place up and Big D. was trapped on the back of an irate Alice for a couple of days until someone fed Alice. This distracted Alice long enough for Big D. to escape.

Big D. became the Amazon Queen of the Food Fights.

50 Pages Worth!

Her face and body evolved to this rendition.

She has her own collection of smiles.

Some time she co-stars with that handsome Actor Fellow

Keith Hamilton Cobb


So True

Some times she has to beg too.

Broom Flight

T’was the stroke of midnight,
The witching hour arrived,
And I on my broomstick,
Felt good to be alive.

To fly and swoop,
To weave and dip,
Free from the coop,
With a flip of my hip.

No rendevue with kith and kin,
No covens dogma need I.
Free spirit of the underworld,
A loop the loop I try.

Mere mortals hide,
Gouls shake in their tombs.
"Not again that crazy Big D.
She’s off on her broom!"

Yahoo Weeeeeeee

From the Thread called "True Fiction"

This is Big D's take on the subject.

I don't think there would be any problem of other women coming on to my man while I
am around. In the first place, I'm an impressive 6' 2" and 200 pounds of solid muscles.
Anyone deluded enough to think they could take him from me, needs to have their life
insurance up-graded.

The fact that he is gone most of the time is cool with me. We are both action heroes and
saving the planet from the greedy clutches of the oil companies will keep me pretty busy
fighting the war against the depletion of the ozone layer.

So he has a problem of me dumping eggs and orange juice on his head and firing wieners
at him last winter? He will get over it in 10 years or so and look back laughing.

I think he is pretty protective of me since he built this palace of expression with me in mind.

Calling it Nonsense is Nonsense!

My biggest problem with him is his silence. I have to look at it as, actions speak louder
than words. Since we are both action heroes this makes sense?
I suppose the less said the better where I 'm concerned.
Not that I don't know in my heart that he adores me.

Like D. said, he's moody, I'm with her on the exit strategy.

Common Tyr/Keith. we have an allegory to unfold.

You might say that I am yanking on his chain,
Your probably right.
In this case it's a satin ribbon.
Big D.

Big D. spends a great deal of time on Gordon Michael Woolvett's message board.

There she was elected to be the director of the MB film.

Most of the threads and the remake of "Fight Club" to "Food Fight Club"

was lost due to the board being vandalized.

However there is an adventure thread where she stars as the Captain of a motley crew of board members also starring the fabulous Captain Sherry Toomy from Australia.

Click HERE to explore the uproarious.

"Adventures of... Everyone!"

More adventures are brewing.


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