More Rates that Bite

I packed up some stock to ship to Australia.

The weight of the package is 460 grams. This cost, $13.40 airmail. The customer asked me if I had something else in my stock that she could use? Yes I did. It weights 100 grams. If I added it to the box it would have pushed the rate up to $26.25, almost double? Did I lose the sale? Yes.

There is the alternative of shipping the additional stock separately for $6.95 this I offered them.

What rubs me the wrong way is that this is a consistent annoyance, that if the small packet is so much as a gram over the cut off point, 250 grams, 500 grams, etc. My customers are paying excessive fees.

If this rate system was changed to so much per 25 grams it would be kinder to my customers as well as help boost international sales.

I can often be heard storming out of the post office exclaiming, "I'm not paying you that rate to ship 5 grams!"


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