Fraudulent Tracking Numbers

Fraudulent Tracking Number

Oct. 2010

It has come to my attention that the tracking numbers given to small packet US and International items via the PayPal, Canada Post check out,
are of no earthy good.
Not only do no results show on the Canada Post web site, but they are documented as being "letter post" not small packet.

Canada Post does not give tracking numbers to small packet, so the appearance of a tracking number is a fraudulent practice.

Either they should find a way to track them or remove the tracking numbers would be my suggestion.

I would hate to have to go to the authorities over this practice of deceiving the public into believing that their goods are track-able.

I do recommend actual track-able tracking numbers, because Canada Post charges non optional insurance on small packets traveling world wide with no way of knowing that the packet had arrived. This leaves the door open for anyone to claim the insurance money even after they have received the item.

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