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I did ask for permission to quote their reply to my inquirers as to why small regular parcels are so expensive. Since none has been forth coming, even though I suspect that it's a copy paste reply, I will be paraphrasing their reply to avoid any possible legal ramifications. I will be adding foot notes through out as a form of debate.

First, a slightly edited rendition of my inquiry.

If it was publicly known,

that Canada Post is ripping off the Canadian public with it's rates for small parcels.

I'm sure there would be a public out cry.

Check for yourself.

Canada Post Rate Calculator

A .090 gram, 10 (1) by 8 by 8 cm package from K0l 1Z0 (Havelock Ont.) to K1S 5K8 (Ottawa) (2) cost:

$6.74 + $1.07 for insurance.=$7.81 (3)

The same package or one weighing 160 grams more, (size does not need to be calculated) to Australia, airmail, insurance include=$6.95 (4)

The small parcel rates inside Canada are absurd and detrimental to commerce.

I sell on ebay, I'm just about ready to insult my customers by adding in the codicil:

"If you have to ask what the shipping rate to you is, you can't afford it!"

I lose more sales because of the outrageously high Canada Post rates. (5)

that do not compete any where near a level playing field with the States.

Please don't send me to the Ombudsman, I can read, he has no say in rates. (6)

(1) Actually the parcel was only 9cm long but you have to type in 10 cm or the web site calculator and the post office computers will not calculate. Try it yourself if you don't believe me. The reason for this is that they have minimum sizes. If your going to over charge by the gram and cubed cm why put in a minimum? The sharks are circling.

(2) According to Goggle Maps, line path from me to Ottawa is, 225 km distance.

(3) If you want to send it Express Post it cost $7.27 insurance and tax included, that is 54 cents less? This is a regular occurrence with this corporation that Express Post inside Canada is less expensive than regular parcel with or without insurance. If I was head of this company I would fire cousin Jethro for setting these incongruous rates.

(4) The distance as the crow flies from Toronto to Sydney Australia it is 15,562 km Distance Calculator

from K0L 1Z0 to Toronto's main station is 160 km, total= 15,722 km. Divide the cost by the distance...

(5) There is a problem on eBay of sellers over charging on the shipping rates. Myself, I don't feel any need what so ever to over charge my customers,

I let Canada Post do that for me.

(6) When I asked where I could lodge a complaint against Canada Post unfair rates I was given the address of the Ombudsman. He has a Web Site

I found it most amusing that the opening flash page is the scale of justice. If you explore this small site you will note that he has no jurisdiction over rates.

Paraphrased Reply from Customer Service

Rates reflect the cost of transporting the object; consequently, the cost for items travelling
(1) part of the way in the USA or around the world reflects the lesser costs of shifting
mail in that country. (2) It is less costly to move mail in the U.S. or Internationally
because they have a numerous residents and therefore greater mail volumes. Greater
volumes mean lesser cost per item.(3)


Customer Service


(1) I know some of their employees have no idea who the CEO, Maya Greene is, because I called Customer Service to ask and was put on hold, twice.

(2) If one does the math on shipping an item to Australia then the cost of fuel is almost non existent when compared to the shipping rates of regular parcels rates inside Canada. Yes we are being gouged at the pumps, not only by the fuel companies but our government that takes taxes on top in an effort to keep the toll roads to a minimum.

The items sent airmail? Does the plane not fuel up in Canada first? Does it not have to pay landing fees, employees, etc.?

(3) This is a truth, I agree, however would not a lower price mean a higher volume of sales? As I stated, I will not buy from Canadians because of the rates. I'm not the only one, it's less expensive to send money than a heart felt gift. Why give the money to a corporation that boasts mega profits?

Over charging creates lower volume.

Mail service is the major cog in the wheel of commerce.

Addressing their short comings is a benefit to us all.

There was no mention of the fact that shipments from the USA are taxing their/our resources because of it's volume. That is where the major market is, the States. If rates where lower, (or at least reasonably competitive) in Canada, I'd buy Canadian, you bet. I'm assuming their rates reflect the customs fees that one would have to pay on top of the US shipping rates. This, as a business minded individual, makes sense in a, I'm going to fleece the public for every cent I can, type of reasoning.

However, the volume of shipments from the states is so high that customs can not handle it and only a small percentage of it is processed. I am assuming this because I rarely am charged customs duty, the last time was for an item marked as a gift, with a personal note inside the package? So what Canada Post has effectively done with their excessive rates is cripple themselves and our commerce as well.

I do have one more question before I finish off this page. If I send a letter that weights 100 grams, it only cost $1. to any where in Canada, and a small parcel that weight less than 100 grams cost at least 6 times as much, why? It's not the cost of fuel is it?


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