Mission Statement

Why would anyone waste their time and talents trying to alert the public that the sharks at Canada Post are taking our funds for yummy Tim Bits?

Because I can.

Because I'm tired of complaining to brick walls.

Because someone has to get off their complacent polite Canadian chairs and say what needs to be said.

Because I'm angry, and I'm not going to take it anymore.


I have been dealing with Canada Post for 5 years as a partner in my eBay sales under 3 IDs

As a business partner they are by far wanting. I have no quarrels with the post office employees, I find them charming and willIng to help when they can. This statement has nothing to do with the average Canadian who works with this corporation. Though what they must endure from this Draconian institution has my deepest sympathy.

When Canada Post upped the small packet rates outside of Canada without notifying their managers first in Jan. of 05, I'm sure I'm not the only one that blasted the managers. I deal with 4 post offices because I'm in a rural area. I visit the one that is in the direction I head. None of the managers where notified of this price hike. All of them must have suffered from the outrage of people who had already been paid for their shipments at the lower rate and where now having to pay for the price hike out of their own pockets.

Last year it was reported through the media that Canada Post had made 4 times their estimated profits. Still, they felt the need to hike their rates. Why? Because they can.

Then there is this new money grab called the, "Fuel Surcharge."

That's for another page.


My mission is to enlighten the Canadian public that they are being taken advantage of to the point that Canada Post will have to rethink their regular parcel and book rates to reflect a fair competitive price for services rendered.

As it stands I will not purchase small items from Canadians when I can purchase the same item at the same price from the USA where the shipping rate is a fraction of our internal rates. OUCH!

This hurts you and me, the seller, the buyer, the economy, and the social welfare system, because that is where I as a Canadian seller am heading. As soon as a Canadian or forgein customer sees the shipping rate for a small item or hard cover books, (after I have spent the time to pack, weight, meausure, use the web site calculator as well as the foreign exchange calculator because I sell in USD.) they either do not buy or find a way to cancel the sale.


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