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Jan. 2007

It's now Jan. 08 and nothing has changed other then the rates went up again.

Please note there is no standard rate for regular parcel like there is for parcels to the States under 1 kilo.

Insurance is an extra $0.95 per $100.00 of coverage. CAD

GST sales tax is applicable to all prices listed and insurance. So add 5%

With other letter post, if it fit through their stingy 20mm gauge without pressure and registered with in their weight and size limits, items not paper could be sent at this reasonable rate.

So much for being fair to the public, as of Nov. 05 only printed matter is allowed in, "Other Letter Post"

Correction Dec. 1 05

Posted on the Canada Post web site effective immediately, all small packets weighting under 500 grams to the US and International destinations that are a maximum of (380mm X 270mm X 20mm) can be sent letter post rates. The only difference from before is that one must attach a customs sticker.

I checked with customer service at 1-800-267-1177, according to Andrea, this also applies inside Canada without the customs sticker of course.

One thumbs up, but I do believe that I have just discovered that the "fuel surcharge" that is going up BTW, does not trickle down to the rural route drivers. This might constitute fraud and I'm working on getting to the bottom of this for you.

Update on the above Jan. 08, I would get to the bottom of this if someone who drives rural route delivery would stop complaining and be a witness to this crime. They are all afraid of losing their jobs, Not to worry, I don't have a job to lose, so I'll stay at it.


United States Small Packet Rates

There is no sales tax on shipments that exceed $5. in total for shipments outside of Canada

Insurance is non optional and included in all small packets under 1kg.


International Small Packet Rates

Rates are based on 07, they just went up more for different destinations, so the rates below are closer to UK and Europe then Australia and Asia.

Same deal as above. The biggest problem with these rates is that a package that weighs 250 grams costs $7.30 airmail.
A package that weights 251 grams costs $14.05 airmail.
If one looks at this logically, then one is paying

- 7.30
to ship one gram?
Would it not be more fair for the rates to increase by increments at the 25 gram levels, starting with a base price?

Here's an experiment you might like to try.

Go to Canadian Postal Rate Calculator:

Enter an Ontario postal code such as K0L 1Z0
and this random postal code for Vancouver BC
V5S 3J9
Weight .085 grams,
Length 14 cm
Width 10 cm
Height 5 cm

That's good enough, hit "Submit."

Total for 08 =$11.77 plus insurance =$12.77

Now go to either International or US rate calculators and type in the same originating postal code, etc. it does not matter which country or State you click, the rate is all the same.

These rates include non optional insurance.
Domestic rates ask that you pay extra for insurance.
So when you look at the difference between say the Canadian and US rates,
one needs to add $.05 cents + GST= $1.00 to get a concise rate difference.

For the USA

Total for 08 same origin to California=surface $5.05 air $6.45 includes insurance.

In other words, regular parcel travels surface @ 12.77 to Vancouver, while surface mail to California @ $5.05= a whopping big difference in rates of, $8.72

Are you going to just sit there and let Canada Post continue to pick your pockets?

So your appalled by the difference in the charges too?

Write Your MP
Canadian's owns the largest share in Canada Post

We can fix this.

I'm happy to say that Mr. Leonard Lee of of Lee Vally has taken Canada Post to court over a few points of interest, but of course Canada Post in it's arrogance is going to drag it's heals on this so that they can keep on ripping you off for as long as they can.

Try writing them Here and add your comments.

They will respond. Do not feel intimidated by them asking for our phone number and address. There is no reason why they need this, it's and international crime, not local so just ignore them and resend your request for clarification of their practices.

Do not allow them to say it's because they don't have enough volume to charge less. They would have enough volume if their rates competed with their closest trading partner, the States, and charged less.
A company that is only interested in turning a profit by over charging is not what you should be proud to be associated with.
Make no mistakes you are Canada Post, Make sure they know that.



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