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One of my screen names is Dianequeenofstuff.

"Stuff," if one checks, means, "nonsense!"

I'm full of it.

This page is a holding cell for some of the nonsense I post on the web.

Snake Attack

I thought that warning Keith Cobb/Pooky that their where rattle snakes off the paths in Hollywood's Griffith Park was my duty.


Bob on Blue

Blue was the screen name of a person who was thinking that he could mess with me. The other members warned him that his taunts where misguided

Bob the Tomato cake was created by my good friend Karin,

Big D. borrowed it for a few.


The I-Con Boogie

He's not wearing white shoes, one of Keith's claims to fame is the fact that he's always kicking his shoes off in public.



Not my best work, but aggrevations can lead to some well deserved revenge during the on-slot of pop_up ads on the web.


Sarcastic Pants.

A silly illustration for the second set of Silly Cronicles


There are times I read between the lines.

Whether I read correctly is another question.

I don't always agree with what I read so...

Take That Honey!


Rabbit presents.

Ta Dah!

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